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SLOB COBIA #youngbuck

Finally, the bad luck streak is coming to the end. We had Thomas and his gang out with us Sunday and aside from the slower fishing I also had boat issues. I called a buddy that was fishing to come pick Thomas and the group up so they didn’t have to suffer through the long, slow ride back in at 7 knots. We did catch a 46 inch Cobia and pulled off one over 50 pounds before them getting off. Limping in we finally found the small issue and were able to get the boat back up and running so the ride didn’t take as long as we anticipated. The part has been ordered, but thanks guys for being so understanding guys. We look forward to our next trip!

Today we had Steve and his gang and it seemed that the bad luck started off right where it left. We pulled two nice 40-45 inch Cobia off. Then things got really tough when we broke an absolute monster off when the line got wrapped around the reel and broke the main line. It was a huge blow. But, finally some luck came our way. Young buck Michael changed the game with landing a Slob! It really was the encouragement we needed. It was smooth sailing from there and we kept our 3 fish limit. Thanks again for sticking it out guys. We still have some open dates before the season ends. Book Salt Treated Fishing. Texas y’all guys are still in our thoughts.



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