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WOW! Amazing fishing.

shewww It has almost became normal to sight fish in the rain for us here at Salt Treated Fishing. We had Felix and his gang out with us and he made the long drive from New York. We cancelled his trip this time last year due to bad weather, but with all the recent practice in the rain here lately we thought we could pull it off again today. Plan of attack was to leave early and try for Sheepshead to scratch that off there bucket list. We headed out and we got set up. It was just simply too rough and my anchor kept slipping so that was quickly shot down in about 10 minutes. It was poring when we decided to make a big move and go sight fish in open water and we were super glad we did because it paid of HUGE. We were super fortunate and found the meat. Super nice quality fish at that! Everyone got to scratch Cobia off their bucket list. We had a 52, 48.5, and 48 incher before lunch time and started releasing more! Being so grateful with what we already caught in these super difficult conditions we called it an early day. Thanks for the business and more importantly having faith in us, with these conditions. Couldn’t imagine the amount of fish we would have seen if it was sunny! Call Salt Treated Fishing to come see this world class fishery and build your own memories. #wegone #rainorshine #buildingmemories #catchfishandchill #boweduplures #accuratereels #simrad

**WE HAVE OPEN DATES DONT WAIT!! (Cobia season closes Sept 15th)



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