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ROUGH! Cobia, Cobia

By far the top 5 roughest sea conditions I’ve ever fished for Cobia. We had hardcore Cobia fisherman(s) Mike,Dave and David out with us again these guys travel the many states to catch a Cobia and they spend a week here every year. It was absolutely snotty rough. Forecast predicted for the strong North East wintit to lay out after lunch time...... Once again, they were WRONG! It was so rough we couldn’t make it to where we’ve been previously fishing however, in the couple hour trip we found some meat! We landed 5 Cobia total kept 2 biggest around 45 inches we did pull a 50 plus pounder off and got a couple shots at some really solid fish that just wouldn’t eat. We have the same crowd today so it should be game on with ALOT better conditions. Thist entire week looks beautiful and Salt Treated Fishing has several open dates. So come take advantage of this amazing fishery before the season closes!




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