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IN THE MEAT! Chesapeake Bay is on fire. #weekendrecap #SaltTreatedFishing

Weekend recap. Both Salt Treated boats stayed busy and did a great job keeping the fish coming over the rail and clients smiling ear to ear! A lot of fish around with steady action! Friday the Salt Treated took Pete out for a half day trip They stayed busy catching in the double digits of Cobia with keeping one at 43 inches. Pete made the 3 hour trip on his motorcycle so he said one keeper was plenty releasing the rest. Saturday it was tough, but we made it happen. We had Don and his family back out with us. We started the day off fishing for Spadefish. We had a super short window between tides, but got on a decent bite with some absolute JUMBO’s, one pushing 7.5 lb! We switched gears and had a great Cobia catch. Kept our limit with the biggest being 47 inches! Captain Brian and Hunter on the Salt Treated kept their charter super pumped and busy catching well over double digit in Cobia! Great going on the busy day! Sunday we had Brien and his gang out with us. We really had to play the weather out and dodge many storms, but we managed a wonderful catch with our 3 fish limit of Cobia. The biggest being 46 inches, then mixed a little Spadefish action on the way in. Great going on your first Cobia guys! Captain Brian also ran a trip he had Mike and Jon out with him Capt Brian fished solo and really fished hard. They had a bang up trip especially for the tough conditions we were faced with today. They caught 13 Cobia, keeping two. Their biggest was 53 inches. Great going on the stellar day guys! If you’re looking for a fishing charter look no further than Salt Treated Fishing we can put you in the meat!




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