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Big Flounder! Chesapeake Bay charter report. #flatfish

Well the extremely cloudy and overcast skies slowed us down and gave the Cobia a break for a day. We had Mike and his gang from Maryland out with us. So we had to go to plan B. This would be the first time we actually invested almost full day into Flounder fishing in bay for this season we have been extremely busy with some first class Cobia fishing! After finally deciding if we were going to chum for Cobia or go Flounder fishing we got to the Cbbt around 10:00. It was pretty much game on from the start we hit the tide just right and we started catching. It didn't take long for the boys to get the hang of it. We had Mike and his son owner(s) of Hardhead baits with us they were busy selling me on some new baits while flipping some very respectable Flounder over the side! Extremely solid class of Flounder I can honestly say I have seen this class of fish in the Bay in a long time. I lucked up and hung the big fish of the trip super stoked! fish was 7lbs 15oz Mikes son wasn't far behind with a beauty 22.5 incher that he caught on a custom lure he built. We left them biting and gave Cobia fishing a try it was just still to cloudy and overcast to see good however, we did see ONE but it wouldn't eat. Thanks again Mike for the return business see you next time! Book Salt Treated Fishing we know how to fish for it all when it comes to the Chesapeake Bay! #catchfishandchill


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