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Chesapeake Bay charter fishing! Here we go 2k17!

Today is the big day! It's almost like kick off to the super bowl for us local Virginia Cobia fisherman. It's already been very successful 2017 Cobia season for us in both the Outer Banks and Virginia. We've been very fortunate to harvest some very beautiful fish upwards of 70lbs with the biggest already being 94lbs! I'd like to take a minute to thank Billy Gorham and Jonathan French for being the real forefront of the fight for getting us this 2017. Many people have already forgot the amount of time and how much on the line this season really was. SO SUPPORT BOWED UP LURES not only are they the best, but he fought harder then anyone I know so lets support. But now, June 1st, our charter season will be in absolute full strive with the bay being red hot you'll see great reports of Spade, Cobia, Flounder, and Drum daily on Salt Treated Fishing page. I encourage if you're looking for a charter service in Virginia look no further. Salt Treated Fishing has two boats in full operation that guarantees's to accommodate all skill levels, so get out and come enjoy a great day on the wonderful Chesapeake Bay. LETS GOOO!!! #catchfishandchill #salttreatedfishing #accuratefishing #kickoff

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Enjoy "some" previous 2k16 and 2k17pictures below. Stay tuned!

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