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Mini vacation before full blow charter season

Spent the last few days fishing offshore before here at Salt Treated we get slammed up with inshore charters. To say the offshore fishing has been good is an understatement, its been world class and I'm so glad I've had the privilege to be apart of some of it. Two really cool thing's stick out the most the first I was aboard the Persuasion with Capt Jerry where we landed a GIANT 93.8lb Wahoo that took social media by surprise along with a solid limit of 30-50lb Yellowfin. Second up would be I caught my first Yellowfin on a topwater plug on an Accurate sr-12 spinning rod while fishing with Capt Paul aboard the Renegade along with a solid box of Tuna,Mahi and Cobia. Nothing like fishing with awesome friends. Y'all stay tuned this summer is going to be wide open! please enjoy some of the pictures of our recent catches. We still have some prime Cobia,Flounder,Drum and Spadefish trips available lets goo! 757-817-1388

watch this great video Brian put together!

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