July 31, 2017

By far the top 5 roughest sea conditions I’ve ever fished for Cobia. We had hardcore Cobia fisherman(s) Mike,Dave and David out with us again these guys travel the many states to catch a Cobia and they spend a week here every year. It was absolutely snotty rough. Forecast predicted for the strong North East wintit to lay out after lunch time...... Once again, they were WRONG! It was so rough we couldn’t make it to where we’ve been previously fishing however, in the couple hour trip we found some meat! We landed 5 Cobia total kept 2 biggest around 45 inches we did pull a 50 plus pounder off and got a couple shots at some really solid fish that just wouldn’t eat. We have the same crowd today so it should be game on with ALOT better conditions. Thist entire week looks beautiful and...

July 29, 2017

Clouds, clouds, and more clouds! Man, what tough conditions to catch a Cobia. We had Robin and his family out with us for a full day Cobia charter. It was just one of those days where it was a super hard grind all day from the overcast skies to the rough sea conditions-just tough. However, we worked hard (really hard) and made it all worth it! We came across a lot of fish that were lock jaw many including one BOOWOW, just couldn’t get her to eat. Even in the tough conditions. We capitalized and had a great catch everyone on the boat got to catch their first Cobia. We kept a limit with the biggest being 53 inches! We also released a few more. The plain was to also try fill the box with some spadefish, but unfortunately the sea conditions just didn’t allow it to happen. Thanks for...

July 28, 2017

Out of the gate we were faced with some difficult cloudy conditions. Justin and the entire Maryland gang were ready-cloudy skies or not. We lucked up falling in the meat and capitalized on our shots. We caught our 3 fish limit quick-up to 48 inches. After having a great Cobia catch we decided to go after some Spadefish. We got set up and it was game on! Caught around 50 Spadefish keeping a limit with some JUMBOS mixed in with the biggest about 7 pounds! The clouds broke up and with a box of nice Spadefish and Cobia we went back to doing some catch and releasing on Cobia! It was all around a stellar day with a great crowd of people. Thanks for the business and we look forward to doing some more fishing with you in the future! Salt Treated Fishing has some open dates coming, don’t...

July 26, 2017

To say it was rough would be a serious understatement. Forrest and his entire gang deserved to catch a 100 pounder to put up with these rough conditions! We all earned it and stuck it out and had an amazing day. We kept our limit of nice Cobia up to 46inches released more and pulled a JUMBO off probably 65-70lbs. I had high hopes to put them on a nice Spadefish bite but it was just simply to rough. Thanks for sticking it out and the continued business with Salt Treated Fishing. We have some open dates coming up don’t miss out on this amazing fishery. Salt Treated Fishing can put you on the meat! 




July 25, 2017

We had Joe and his two brothers out with us for a full day chasing Cobia. We got to the boat and the wind and the dark clouds put up a wrench in our trip. Re grouped and decided to hold off and see what the weather did so we went and grabbed some breakfast. A small breakup in the clouds gave us a little drive to go give it a try and I’m glad we did! Started off slow and a little irritating because the clouds made it very difficult. However, we fished hard and made it happen. We caught fish in the clouds and everyone got to land their first Cobia. T topped the cake with a boo wow for his first Cobia a whooper 60 incher at 60lb caught on a Bowedup oct 2oz orange head winched in with a Accurate Sr-12 spinning real! Congrats on the bang up day guys. I’m glad the weather turned out i...

July 24, 2017

Weekend recap. Both Salt Treated boats stayed busy and did a great job keeping the fish coming over the rail and clients smiling ear to ear! A lot of fish around with steady action! Friday the Salt Treated took Pete out for a half day trip They stayed busy catching in the double digits of Cobia with keeping one at 43 inches. Pete made the 3 hour trip on his motorcycle so he said one keeper was plenty releasing the rest. Saturday it was tough, but we made it happen. We had Don and his family back out with us. We started the day off fishing for Spadefish. We had a super short window between tides, but got on a decent bite with some absolute JUMBO’s, one pushing 7.5 lb! We switched gears and had a great Cobia catch. Kept our limit with the biggest being 47 inches! Captain Brian and...

July 21, 2017

Fishing is off the charts! After telling the guys the report we had the day prior they were super pumped and ready to whack them! We had Billy, Ed, Ken and Robert out with us. This was their first trip with us and sheww was it special! Right out the gate Billy set the bar high, super high! We caught a WHOPPER on the ride out 63 incher that later weighed 69lbs!! The action really never slowed down. We caught many Cobia and nice fish at that! Everyone on the boat caught their first Cobia, and some, we kept our limit. Around lunch time we decided to switch gears and go Spadefishing. Took awhile for the current to wind down and only gave us a small window but it was game on kept them up to 5 lbs! Great day with great company we look forward to our next trip! We have open dates comin...

July 20, 2017


 The big bright thing in the sky finally came out to play! Its been hard to make  it happen prior trips with the conditions but we’ve been doing it. Today couldn’t ask for better conditions or fishing.  We had the Smithfield Station crew back out with us,  Its been about 4 years since they last fished with us so it was great to have them back. Stellar fishing and it started right out the gate! We caught 13 Cobia total kept our 3 fish limit to 47 inches released them to 45inches and pulled a few off. Between catching Cobia we took a break to catch the tide right and Spadefish, we caught our 5 man limit up to five pounds.  Great day with better company don’t wait that long to come back this time! We have open dates coming up in the next few days/weeks  don’t miss out! call...

July 19, 2017

Tough conditions the last couple trips. We’ve really had to grind to scratch out good catches with the extreme overcast and cloudy skies. We had Ben and two of his employes out for a day away from work. We hooked a really nice Cobia out the gate probably 50-55lbs and after about a 10 minute fight right at the net she spit the hook. We recouped from that and got on a decent bite in the clouds we caught 5 Cobia and then went and caught our 5 man limit of Spadefish. Today we had Joe and gang back out with us we had a tall order to stand up to from last years Cobia trip. Again, another day full of clouds so we had to grind it out. We got a small window catching 5 Cobia, kept two up to 42inches, and caught decent catch of Spadefish for the bonus. Thanks for the continued business guy...

July 17, 2017

**Last minute opening July 19th! 

It was a good weekend of fishing on the Salt Treated boats! Lots of great fishing and great clients. Started the weekend off with having Dan and his gang back out with us. We had a large weight on our shoulder to try compete with their previous trip last season. Unfortunately, we were faced with some tough conditions. However, we managed to scratch out a good catch with multiple Cobias, bringing home a 45 incher and spent just a little bit of time Spadefishing. It was a great bonus to the Cobia that added for a great bonus with the biggest being around a pound.

     Next up was Scott and the Waste Management gang out for a trip. We had a very short window before they had to catch a plane to go home so we headed out a...

July 13, 2017

I'd say John and Michael had an amazing two days of fishing with Salt Treated Fishing. Beautiful weather and plenty of tight lines! After having a bang up trip on day one catching big Flounder, Drum and Cobia I knew we had to keep the ball rolling. We headed out with full objective to get Michael on a JUMBO Cobia hopefully beat his dads 61lber just the day before. Not quite but very close! Caught 9 Cobia keeping two a 45incher and Michael's personal best 58lbs!! Congrates on two amazing fishing trips guys. Thanks for the repeat business! WE HAVE SOME OPEN DATES THIS MONTH! don't miss out on this amazing fishing!  #catchfishandchill #Boweduplures#accuratereels

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July 11, 2017

We have open dates, lets go!!

Today was just one of those days that worked out perfectly! Had Michael and John out with us and their main objective was Cobia and fingers crossed to scratch a big Red Dum off their bucket list... We did it all and some!! Started the day off waiting on the clouds to burn off and got on a great Flounder bite with a beautiful class of fish. Had 3 pushing over 5 pounds and John got to catch his personal best just shy of 7 pounds! We kept 8 keepers and caught about 15 total. Clouds burned off and we kicked the sight fishing game in full force we found the big schools of Red Drum and stayed busy-that's a understatement-3 on at a time, all you want. They both scratched the "Big Drum" off their list and got some citations for the bonus. Then after having e...

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